Calmoni Design Ltd. develops Web Applications to manage complex data systems.

We work closely with our clients to identify and customise applications and services to fulfil modern IT data management needs. Today’s data requirements are no longer about storing data but accessing it securely from multiple locations and devices, analysing it, protecting it and controlling access rights in compliance with legal privacy requirements. We have developed tools that allow us to reduce applications development time considerably and can offer fully customized solutions for all business model needs. Beyond simple records we have developed fully customisable tools which allow our customers to control their business work flows through the organization hierarchy, improving accountability and traceability.


Our applications are mainly web based either in the cloud or on private corporate networks. Based on the latest Microsoft ASP.NET web technology, we use modern productivity tools to get our customer the fastest turnaround solution for the best value.


Enlite Care is a social care data management system for care providers. It allows control and organisation of all service-user interactions with the organisation, the community, the health system, and state agencies.

PFM Is a product life management system. It is designed to follow individual products all the way from production through end of life.